Aquinnah - Until recently, the Town of Aquinnah had been known as Gay Head. The name Gay Head was thought to have been given because of the multi-colored clay clifThe Cliffs at Gay Headfs at its head that spill into the Atlantic. The name was changed back to its original Indian name of Aquinnah in 1998. Many descendants of the original Wampanoag Indians still reside in Aquinnah.

The clay cliffs for which the town is known were created by glaciers during the Ice Age. There have been many fossils found as the cliffs have eroded over the years, however it is now illegal to remove clay or anything else from the cliffs for fear of causing permanent damage to this magnificent natural formation.

One of the first lighthouses in America was built on the cliffs of Gay Head in 1799. In addition to the breathtaking views of the Gay Head cliffs, Aquinnah has many beautiful vistas, private beaches (for town residents only), and one public beach, Moshup Beach, located off Moshup Trail. Aquinnah is located on the western-most point of the Vineyard.