Vineyard Haven ~ Tisbury

Vineyard Haven - Tisbury, named for Tisbury, England, birthplace of Thomas Mayhew, is better known as Vineyard Haven. The port of Vineyard Haven is home to the Steamship Authority year-round. Vineyard Haven's harbor is one of the most beautiful on the island and offers up a bit of history. In the 1800's most of the coastwise shipping traveled through the Vineyard Sound and Holmes Hole, as it was called then, was a good port for anchorage.

The town has many scenic spots and points of interest. To this day Vineyard Haven is the center of year-round trade, as it is the only port on the Vineyard used by the Steamship Authority in the off-season.

Martha's Vineyard is a beautiful and diverse island. It is an exclusive summer resort community for many who vacation here, and for the rest of us it's home. We hope you'll come visit, enjoy its beauty and help preserve it for future generations. "Martha's Vineyard is an island-separate, but never equaled."